Welcome to the SOS guide to Schoolin’ life.

At SOS we have everything you need (and the babes who will support you every step of the way) to discover the utmost confidence both in the dance studio, and in all areas of your life. Want to dance like Beyonce? We’ll make it happen. Need the confidence to make a big career change? We got you! Want to get savvy in life and business? Hit up our workshops and you’ll be on the road to #bossbabe in no time. Here’s your beginners guide to schoolin’ life, with SOS:

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Ain’t no stage fright here! Nervous for your first class?

Don’t be! We have special beginners classes tailored to help you learn the key moves (hair whips & twerks heavily featured) so that you have ultimate confidence on the studio floor. Plus, the supportive group of queens in the community will be your personal cheerleaders- you’ll feel like Beyonce in no time.

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We’re backstage, not polished

Not sure what to wear to an SOS class? Come comfortable and wear something that makes you feel good. Trainers are the best choice of footwear for most sessions, but we do have designated heels classes once you are ready to take it up a notch (BYO heels). Most importantly, don't stress it. You don't have to be move perfect from the start... after all, even Beyoncé wasn't built in a day! Relax, enjoy the process and we'll have you BOSSin' that dance floor in no time!

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We’re schoolin’ life together

At SOS, we are all learning together through the school of life. Whatever your background, whatever you do, we will help you grow in confidence, knowledge and pure SASS, so you are ready to take on the world.

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We’re everywhere!

You might have noticed, SOS moves around. With a concept this powerful, we have to stay on our toes. Be sure to hit up the Become A SOS Instructor page on our website to find the closest training course for you. We are nationwide! Any problems finding a class, just email

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Remember: We got you!

SOS is not just a school of empowering dance classes. It’s a community of queens who want to support each other and grow together. There is no competition, just supportive, encouraging vibes and genuine friendships built in the studio. We also have plenty of social opportunities and events, so make sure you follow us at @schoolofsos and sign up to our monthly newsletter to stay in the loop.

See you on the dance floor!

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