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Recommended as one of the best online workouts by Grazia, Hello!, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, Refinery29 and even Instagram themselves, our goal is to connect you to your most unapologetic, sassiest self on the digital dance floor and beyond. 

"Want to channel your inner Lizzo, Destiny’s Child or Little Mix? This is the class for you. Founded by backing dancer Bonnie Parsons, there are daily live classes, yoga sessions, confidence workshops and an archive of more than 200 tutorials to routines inspired by your favourite artists." – The Guardian



Queen Testimonials

SOS On Demand is the ultimate feel good experience, not only is it great for moving my body (whilst enjoying the fitness element) but has also empowered me as a woman and built my confidence to new levels. Joining School of SOS is the best decision I’ve made!!
Rachael Graham, SOS Digital Queen
Signing up has honestly been the best decision! In-person classes aren’t always at convenient times for me but SOS On Demand means I can do these amazing routines when I want to! Would definitely recommend signing up, there’s something for everyone!
Beth Sumner, SOS Digital Queen
SOS on Demand has been a godsend for me – I have loved being able to be part of the community and joining the live classes on Zoom. I'm also able to catch up with all the routines I that couldn’t make, and slay them in my own time. It’s honestly the best £11.99 I’ve spent!
Kim Le, SOS Digital Queen


SOS curate incredible monthly timetables that embrace your inner confidence, Queen mindset and uniqueness that makes you YOU (doing it all with your best girl gang by your side virtually, every step of the way). Check out what's on this month HERE! 

For just £11.99 per month, your SOS Digital Queen Subscription gives you unlimited access to – 

  • EMPOWERING DAILY LIVE STREAMED SOS DANCE CLASSES: Join the most empowering dance classes in the world with our daily live streamed sessions, taught by brilliant SOS BOSSES who will make you feel total FIRE!
  • CATCH UP ON OVER 200+ SOS ROUTINES ON DEMAND: Access the SOS archive of incredible routines to your favourite artists at a time which suits you!
  • CAREER GOALS & CONFIDENCE WORKSHOPS: Make power moves both on and off the dance floor with Career Confidence Webinars, Body Image Workshops and more, tapping into your 'Queen State of Mind'. 
  • SOS YOGA: We run monthly live Rise & Vibe Flow Yoga (Vinyasa) and super relaxing Yin Yoga to help you unwind, de-stress and connect to your sacred body. Your subscription gives you access to our Yoga archive too!
  • SLAY AT YOUR PACE: Choose from BEGINNER, ALL LEVEL and IMPROVER routines so you can go at the pace which is right for you, and tailor the SOS experience to your Queen self!
  • CONNECT WITH QUEENS WORLDWIDE: Dance with an incredible community of Queens everyday joining from Manchester to Reading, Bogota to New York, Texas to London and more!
  • CANCEL AT ANY TIME: If circumstances change, you can cancel at any time, making your subscription work for your wallet.
  • SOS QUEEN DONATIONS: We believe in being the change you want to see, which is why we donate 10% of our monthly subscription profit to Women For Women, Black Women’s Health Imperative and Blueprint for all, as chosen by our subscribers!




"Empowering dance studio, School of SOS, teaches slick choreography to the latest bops – meaning that once lockdown life is over and you're back on the dancefloor, you'll be fiercer than ever."
“SOS has always been about empowering women to feel strong and sexy with step-by-step routines to feel-good hits… Try feeling down when you're flicking your hair along to Beyoncé – it's impossible.”
"School of SOS, the nationwide dance school chain famed for bringing Beyoncé dance workshops to the masses, hosted their first Instagram live class in mid-March, before the official lockdown order. Due to demand, the 60-minute Instagram sessions had 500 people joining live."
The Huffington Post
“Dancing is a whole-body workout and lifts the spirits so what better way to improve fitness than by dancing around your house to your favourite songs? Expect lots of fun SOS routines inspired by music videos, for any level.”
“Want to channel your inner Lizzo, Destiny’s Child or Little Mix? This is the class for you. Founded by backing dancer Bonnie Parsons, there are daily live classes, yoga sessions, confidence workshops and an archive of more than 200 tutorials to routines inspired by your favourite artists.”
The Guardian

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Do I need to have dance experience to join SOS On Demand?

No, Queen. Just bring your fabulous self!

We offer a SOS BEGINNER Queen Subscription for our newbies for just £4.99 per month (all BEGINNER sessions are included in the £11.99 too), and there’s no better place to build up your dance floor confidence! Our BEGINNER Queen Subscription grants you access to – 

  • 4 LIVE STREAMED DANCE CLASSES PER MONTH: Where we’ll teach you how to werrk it like a BOSS, breaking our routines into small, bite-sized sections so you can dance at your own pace. 
  • CATCH UP ON SOS BEGINNER ROUTINES ON DEMAND: In addition to your live classes, you'll gain access to our entire archive of SOS BEGINNER classes so you can slay at a time which suits you! 

Click here to join

Do I have to have my camera on for a live zoom class?

No, Queen. This is your Beyoncé Coachella stage, set it up however you please! Watch this video for a demonstration :)

Where can I find the SOS On Demand timetable?

We release SOS On Demand timetables every month which we post to the School of SOS Insta, on our Patreon channel and in our weekly newsletters which you'll receive every Monday lunchtime, Queen!

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